We aim to design products that are both genderless and timeless. Collections that capture current trends without relying on labels or stereotypes, with the intention of enhancing and flattering a diverse range of body types, regardless of gender or age. The basics are re-imagined with increased creativity and unique geometries that are poised to become the brand's signature style. Our suggested clothing combinations promote inclusivity by allowing for versatile mixing and matching of pieces, including from our 'P' (Petite) and 'R' (Regular) series, encouraging experimentation and creativity regardless of gender, size, color, or style preference.

Sustainability is the future of fashion. At Temeno, we are committed to using environmentally conscious materials and packaging, and to upholding ethical work standards throughout all stages of production.


We never stop to create. As long as we’re alive, we can’t ignore the world around us, our experiences and our feelings. All this input is stimulation, knowledge, and raw material to process, transform and combine into new and original creations. 

We all contribute, each in our own way, to the world’s complex beauty. It’s what keeps us alive, what excites us, it’s the thrill of joy and the beauty of sadness. 

We make clothes for her, for him, for them, for anyone and everyone regardless of etiquettes and norms. At Temeno, we carefully select premium materials and strive to create simple but subtly sophisticated one-of-a-kind pieces that you’ll love to wear. 

We care about our employees, our partners, and our customers but are not a sustainable brand. It’s a long process and we are only starting our journey, but we work hard to do things the right way. 

We are not perfect, we are a work in progress. Perfection is the death of innovation. 

- Lakis Gavalas