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We aim to design products that capture current trends without relying on labels or stereotypes

Temeno co-founder
Lakis Gavalas

Starting as a dancer, Lakis Gavalas discovered his passion for fashion and choreographed for renowned brands like Armani. After honing his skills in Paris and Milan, he returned to Greece and formed partnerships with top designers. Lakis Gavalas collaborated with Hermès to create the exclusive Kelly Lakis bag. He revolutionized Greek fashion, representing 60 global brands and working with over 700 Greek retail offices.

We are not perfect, we are a work in progress. Perfection is the death of innovation.

- Lakis Gavalas


At Temeno, we blend attention to detail with dedication. From quality materials, each piece embodies simplicity and sophistication. Made in Greece, our creations carry a story of passion, respect, and love for our craft.


Every Temeno design is a testament to our team's love for fashion and dedication to their craft. Here, each piece tells a story of passion, creativity, and unmatched artistry.


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